Give us a listen!

I’m very excited to announce that Stardusted is now available on Amazon as an audiobook. For a time due to contract obligations it will only be on Amazon. We’ll see how things go.

I used Amazon Creative Exchange to find the amazing narrator-producer I worked with. 

Her name is Mary Castillo, and she not only does stellar narration, she also writes books herself, some of which are captivating paranormal mysteries featuring a San Diego detective named Dori Orihuela, a great heroine who comes complete with a very cool, sassy grandmother. Someday I’ll have to ask her for her time-management tips because I honestly don’t know how she does it. 

Although I’ve studied voiceover for narration and commercial work and considered — for a nanosecond — attempting to record Stardusted myself, I realized I didn’t have the technical chops to do it right, right off the bat, or to direct myself in a project of this length. Too much pressure! 

Mary’s audition snippet was the third one I heard and it was love at first listen. Frankie’s voice was right there. She also captures the other characters, including the men, better than I could even have hoped for. Characterizations: check. Sound quality: Check. Professional and a joy to work with: check. Mary’s own love of classic movies and Old Hollywood, I think, also helped her understand immediately what I wanted. 

She’s obviously destined for ever-increasing success, and I just hope when the next book is finished, Mary will have time in her schedule to voice Frankie again!

“Stardusted” is now available in paperback!

It really is a different thing to hold your own book in your hands, turn the pages and read your words as part of this new thing, a physical object, rather than just seeing them on a screen. Especially when you’re an indie author and have control — for better or worse! — of every step from the initial idea to the writing, editing, getting others to read/edit/comment, right through to designing the cover.

Stardusted proof copy.
Hot off the presses: the proof copy!

I was pretty excited when the proof copy came in the mail!

It’s been great to hear that readers like Stardusted, and I’m excited that now those who don’t like to read on their phones or tablets can find it in paperback form at Amazon. (And for those who don’t do Amazon, we beg your patience as we figure out the ins and outs of publishing independently in other ways! Those other ways are in the works … stay tuned …)