Give us a listen!

I’m very excited to announce that Stardusted is now available on Amazon as an audiobook. For a time due to contract obligations it will only be on Amazon. We’ll see how things go.

I used Amazon Creative Exchange to find the amazing narrator-producer I worked with. 

Her name is Mary Castillo, and she not only does stellar narration, she also writes books herself, some of which are captivating paranormal mysteries featuring a San Diego detective named Dori Orihuela, a great heroine who comes complete with a very cool, sassy grandmother. Someday I’ll have to ask her for her time-management tips because I honestly don’t know how she does it. 

Although I’ve studied voiceover for narration and commercial work and considered — for a nanosecond — attempting to record Stardusted myself, I realized I didn’t have the technical chops to do it right, right off the bat, or to direct myself in a project of this length. Too much pressure! 

Mary’s audition snippet was the third one I heard and it was love at first listen. Frankie’s voice was right there. She also captures the other characters, including the men, better than I could even have hoped for. Characterizations: check. Sound quality: Check. Professional and a joy to work with: check. Mary’s own love of classic movies and Old Hollywood, I think, also helped her understand immediately what I wanted. 

She’s obviously destined for ever-increasing success, and I just hope when the next book is finished, Mary will have time in her schedule to voice Frankie again!